Der Große Culture Day 2015

Tuesday, 29. September 2015 | 10.00–17.30 hrs | WDR Kleiner Sendesaal

In cooperation with WDR – Westdeutscher Rundfunk Cologne.

Though they are often working on shoestring budgets and frequently deal with complex issues, cultural programs hold their own on television against show, series, and sports programming. What are the creators’ strategies for the future? What is high-quality and successful content? Do cultural matters in a mass medium always have to be shallow and easy to digest, and is relevant content relegated to a niche? How do digital platforms and social networks provide novel distribution venues for cultural programs, and a gateway to reach new – and especially younger – audiences?

The GREAT CULTURE DAY 2015 presented concepts that have succeeded in this arena, discussed strategies, trends, and decisive factors for success in an international and transmedial context, and identified opportunities for producers and broadcasters in Germany to benefit from these latest developments.

Host: Claudia Dichter, Presenter, Cologne_ 10.00 hrs, Welcome

10.15–10.30 hrs, Keynote
Culture in Primetime – What does Television Need Today?
Matthias Kremin, Head of Culture and Science Programming, WDR, Cologne

10.30–11.15 hrs, Presentation
Primetime Culture – An International Overview
Bertrand Villegas, Co-Founder, THE WIT, Genève

11.15–12.00 hrs, Case Study
Transmedia Storytelling – SUPERNERDS. A Surveillance Evening on TV, Online, and on Stage
Christian Beetz, CEO, gebrueder beetz filmproduktion, Berlin
Christian Wesener, Editor, WDR, Cologne

12.00–12.30 hrs, Coffee break

12.30–13.00 hrs, Keynote
Artist Biographies – Personality Rights and IP Rights
Thomas Kufus, CEO, zero one film, Berlin

13.00–14.00 hrs, Lunch Break

14.00–14.30 hrs, Keynote
ARTE Creative – Magazine, Laboratory and Network for Contemporary Culture
Alexander Knetig, Editor-in-Chief, ARTE Creative, Strasbourg

14.30–15.00 hrs, Keynote
LA CATHEDRALE – An Immersive Journey in 3D
Cédric Bonin, Owner & Producer, Seppia, Strasbourg

15.00–15.30 hrs, Keynote
Games Culture – The New Medium for Music, Film, Theater, Literature, and Visual Arts?
Prof. Dr. Gundolf S. Freyermuth, Director, Cologne Game Lab, Cologne

15.30–16.00 hrs, Keynote
Mobile Art and Culture – Going Digital as a Challenge for the Arts and Culture
Prof. Dr. Holger Simon, Founder, Pausanio GmbH & Co. KG, Cologne

16.00–16.30 hrs, Coffee Break

16.30–17.30 hrs, Closing Panel
Finding Adequate Strategies for Presenting Culture in the Media Today
Phil Collins, Visual Artist, Berlin
Christiane Hinz, Head of Documentaries/Culture and History, WDR, Cologne
Angela Richter, Director, Cologne
Malte Sundermann, Actor, Cologne

All participants were invited to the WDR-Kultur Cocktail following the event.

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