Brasil S/A

Feature Film | BR 2014 | 64' | OV

A country in turbo transition: It’s only 20 strokes of the paddle from jungle to skyscraper. It’s only a small step from sugar cane farmer to astronaut. In this one-hour non-dialogue essay film director Marcelo Pedroso questions the image his homeland, the titular »Brazil Inc.« is projecting these days: moments of sarcastic technological euphoria, of a sterile enthusiasm for everything metal and fu-turistic. The exaggerated aesthetics of this national dream of everlasting progress, the hectic rejec-tion of everything traditional in order to achieve a brave new world of glass, steel, money and the internet – it all make the promises of salvation shown here look first melancholic and then surreal, monstrous and inhumane. The audio track switches between US folk music, rap, crooning and bal-let music, while the editing and the camerawork magically collaborate on what is a masterful collage. Sometimes words just aren’t necessary.

Marcelo Pedroso
Marcelo Pedroso
Executive Producer
Livia de Melo
Ivo Lopes Araújo
Daniel Bandeira
Pablo Lamar
Mateus Alves
Production Design
Juliano Dornelles
Principal Cast
Edilson Silva, Adeilton Nascimento, Giovanna Simões, Marivalda Maria Dos Santos, Maracatu Estrela Brilhante, Wilma Gomes

International Sales

Antipode Sales & Distribution
Novolesnoy Lane 5-38
127055 Moscow

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