Just Jim

Feature Film | GB 2015 | 84' | OV

Growing up in a small backwater town in Wales, life is not easy for 17-year old Jim. At school, he is considered a loser. His parents strangely appear to have no love for him. Even his dog obviously wants nothing more to do with him. The tide only seems to turn for good when Dean (Emile Hirsch) moves in next door. The cool American – convertible, sunglasses and all – shows him how to be a real man. But can he really be trusted? Jim increasingly doubts that. A new prodigy: director and lead actor Craig Roberts, who made a notable appearance in Richard Ayoade’s indie hit SUBMARINE, is only 24 years old. In his debut as a filmmaker, he takes his cues from great role models like David Lynch and Wes Anderson. But he finds his own way to bring youthful self-doubt to the big screen, with an ample dose of black humor and surreal visual ideas, also helped by the brilliant cinematographer Richard Stoddard (DOWNTON ABBEY).

Craig Roberts
Craig Roberts
Adrian Bate, Pip Broughton, Gareth I. Davies
Executive Producer
Adam Partridge
Stephen Haren
Richard Stoddard
Richard Brooks, Rodney Berling
Michael Price
Production Design
Design: Arwel Jones
Sian Jenkins
Shaheen Baig
Principal Cast
Emile Hirsch, Craig Roberts, Ryan Owen, Charlotte Randall, Nia Roberts, Richard Harrington, Mark Lewis Jones

International Sales

173 Richardson Street
11222 Brooklyn, NY

Selected filmography Craig Roberts

First Feature