Die Abmachung

Feature Film | DE 2014 | 91' | OV

»I like your house,« says Roger, the handyman. He repairs the many spots of bother in the family home of the young widow Stine and her teenage daughter Stefanie: Roof, heating, sanitation – practically for free. The affair he has with Stine is more of a work bonus. Stefanie doesn’t like the arrangement from the start, but it’s not until later, when Roger and his son open up more and more work sites around the house and finally wouldn’t even leave when asked, that the simple arrangement turns into a deadly threat. Peter Bösenberg’s feature debut is a perfidious study in suspense, starting out as an emotional family drama, before sliding into the territory of the psychological thriller. The spacious and bourgeois family home is more than just the location for this close-quarter confrontation, it also seems to have its own agenda. A genre bender rich in both atmosphere and brilliant performances, this film creates an immense impact with few words and subtle techniques and stays with you long after the closing credits rolled.

Peter Bösenberg
Peter Bösenberg, Melanie Andernach
Melanie Andernach
Renata Salazar Ivancan, Andreas Wodraschke, Gerrit Lucas
Constantin Bömers
Principal Cast
Stine Stengade, Alex Brendemühl, Robert Alexander Baer, Antonia Lingemann, Wolfram Koch, Nina Mölleken, Caroline Peters, Detlef Penno, Daniela Stanik , Mo Hoelsken

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