Documentary | HU/DE 2014 | 72' | Subtitled English

Ricsi lives in rural Hungary, dreaming of a live as a rally driver. He’s a rebel and a dreamer, but he lacks control: He totals his car into a tree, gets expelled from car mechanic school, drives without a license and together with his shady buddies sinks from scrap metal collection to burglary. With the help of his quarreling parents he finally tries to turn his life around and even to realize his rally driving dreams. But reality is always there to bring this dreamer down to earth. Documentary filmmaker Gábor Hörcher has followed his protagonist for five years to film this German-Hungarian co-production as his feature debut. This knowledge of and intimacy with such a complicated character, sometimes frustrating but always fascinating and full of energy, elevates this award-winning documentary from being a mere portrait of youth. DRIFTER is a monument to juvenile dreams – and a bitter reminder of the price we pay for them.

Gábor Hörcher
Gábor Hörcher
Marieke Bittner, Marcell Iuanyi, Gábor Hörcher, György Pálos, Jakob Weydemann, Jonas Weydemann
Kristóf Becsey, Gábor Hörcher
Thomas Ernst
Máté Péterffy, Rudolf Várhegyi
Csaba Kalotás
Principal Cast
Richárd Steinbach, Rozália Rajki, Zoltán Steinbach, Csaba Varga, József Manó Orsós, György Bogdán

International Sales

Visible Film
Rue Lavallée 39
1080 Brussels

Domestic Sales

Weydemann Bros. GmbH
Kottbusser Damm 73
10967 Berlin

Selected filmography Gábor Hörcher

RICSI (2014)