Der Disney Channel lädt ein

Reception and Programpresentation of THE GOLDBERGS and THE FOSTERS

In early 2014, in a new, unique departure from its global practice, the Disney Channel was relaunched in Germany as a free-to-air channel. The new Disney Channel is for all those who love the world of Disney. While its daytime programming is clearly geared towards children and families, the Disney Channel also offers popular and successful evening programs for adults, and women in particular. Now firmly established with the German television audience, the primetime line-up features »Disney Channel Favorites« movies, chick flicks, and top-quality, extraordinary US series. Two of these are THE FOSTERS and THE GOLDBERGS. Co-produced by Jennifer Lopez, THE FOSTERS tells the stories of same-sex couple Stef and Lena, their three children and the foster children they are taking in. A fabulous trip to the time of Rubik’s cubes, big hair, and disco: THE GOLDBERGS is set in the late 1980s and presents the turbulent life of the Goldberg family, based on the personal experiences of series creator Adam Goldberg.