The Goldbergs

TV-Series | USA 2013 | 2 x 22' | German

Big hair and outfits in screaming colors – welcome back to the Eighties: Adam Goldberg, the bright scion of couch salesman Murray and housewife Beverly, captures the life of his family on video. With his camera, he bears witness to the turbulent emotions of his pubescent siblings Barry and Erica, and exposes his parents’ weaknesses. Only Adam’s cool grandpa Albert seems to bring a little calm to the tumultuous family life. But it only seems that way… Anyone who believes the years before Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram were boring will have a change of mind as this endearingly flamboyant clan proves the opposite: based on his own childhood experiences, series creator Adam F. Goldberg has developed a funny comedy show with intelligent humor and serious overtones that will resonate with many viewers. In addition, the series helmed by directors like Seth Gordon (HORRIBLE BOSSES, MODERN FAMILY) also features semi-documentary touches due to the use of actual video footage of the real Goldberg family and an adult voice-over narration.

Seth Gordon, David Katzenberg et al.
Adam F. Goldberg
Leewa Nasserdeen, Kristopher Valentine
Adam F. Goldberg, Doug Robinson, Seth Gordon
Jason Blount, Joseph E. Gallagher, David Hennings
Richard Mercado
Ivan Victor, Sam Seig, Richard Candib, Jon Corn, Scott Pellet
Michael Wandmacher
Production Design
Cory Lorenzen, Shepherd Frankel
Leslie Litt
Principal Cast
Wendi McLendon, Covey, Jeff Garlin, Troy Gentile, George Segal, Patton Oswalt, Sean Giambrone, Hayley Orrantia