Young Doks: Dream Away

Work in Progress-Discussion | DE 2015

The dilemma of work seeking, young Egyptians in the tourist town Sharm El Sheikh, is a mirror of the situation in post-revolutionary Egypt. Tourists are seeking in for beaches, nightlife and adventures, enjoying the sun-soaked coastal strip, known for being one of the favourite holiday destinations in the Middle East. The protagonists of Dream Away lead a double live in the shadow of the shiny shimmering hotel facades. In face of the prevailing western culture, they are deeply devided: for some the Western values represent the long dream of independence, for others it is the symbol of sins. The city itself is a fantasy world in the middle of the desert, built upon clichés and stereotypes. Opposing cultural values clash and the carousel-like experience elevates the young Egyptians into a dreamlike state. Sharm El Sheikh leaves an imprint on every single one. Dream Away follows its protagonists on a journey deep into the imagination of a generation that dreams to survive.

Johanna Domke (Director)
_ Roman Roitman (Production)
_ Jutta Krug (Redaktion)

Marouan Omara, Johanna Domke
Roman Roitman, Mark Lotfy
Commissioning Editor
Jutta Krug
Armin Dierolf
Bilgehan Özis