Young Doks: Three Mile Riders

Work in Progress-Discussion | DE 2015

At the mention of the word Gaza, images form inside our minds: shaky news snippets in poor video quality showing stone-throwing teens, Qassam rockets, and fanatical scenes at Hamas funerals. This does indeed largely reflect the Palestinian reality in the Gaza Strip. But there is also a different side to it: a youth fed up with occupation, war, and the constant state of emergency, young people who – patriotic duties notwithstanding – just want to live their lives. The Gaza City beach area has seen the formation of an avid surf community in recent years. In spite of the difficult conditions, the surfers try to reclaim some of the freedom denied to them in everyday life by riding the waves of their small, isolated country. THREE MILE RIDERS forgoes depicting or commenting on current political events. Instead, the documentary attempts to provide a different perspective on the people in the crisis region – to take a whole new look at Gaza.

Philip Gnadt
Michael Dupke, Stephanie Yamine
Commissioning Editor
Jutta Krug
Marlene Assmann
Niclas Reed Middleton