WDR 3 Forum: Which Funding Support Do German Films Need?


Germany‘s film funding legislation is due to be revised in 2017. A lot of money is in play here: approximately 330 million EUR are provided to film productions every year via several different funding organizations in Germany. Various stakeholders have already taken a stance in the matter, and have publicly voiced their opinions and expectations. There are opposing positions, though, as a passionate debate is on about what is funded, how funding is provided, what must be paid back, and what this system as a whole is supposed to achieve. Does it revolve around economic development, jobs, and local investment promotion? Is it about art? Or both? And how does the audience benefit from it? On the occasion of the Film and Television Festival Cologne Conference, Uwe Schulz is hosting a discussion with a number of guests.

Prof. Dr. Lisa Gotto (ifs internationale filmschule köln)
_ Arne Birkenstock (Producer, fuitmarket)
_ Prof. Dominik Graf (Filmmaker)