Banksy Does New York

Documentary | USA, 2014 | 79' | OV

In October of 2013 the still anonymous British graffiti artist Banksy made the entire city of New York his personal canvass. For a whole month, he would create a graffiti painting a day, plus some special odd events, like scavenger hunts for his audience or a bargain stand where his million Dollar paintings were sold off for a couple of bucks to unsuspecting pedestrians. The reactions were just as strange and telling as Banksy’s art: The mayor calls for a police hunt on him, tourists pose creatively in front of his interactive paintings and bargain hunters destroy walls, fences and sometimes the painting itself, too, in order to conserve or pawn off the vulnerable works. After director Chris Moukarbel has already deconstructed postmodern forms of fame in his HBO documentary ME AT THE ZOO, he now goes all out to question the phenomenon that is Banksy: Whose property is public art? Who determines its worth? And is maybe the audience reaction and interaction with the work the real art form?

Chris Moukarbel
Sara Bernstein, Stephane Cantave, Leah Culton, Vincent Farrell, Collin Kim, Bobby Kondrat, Chris Moukarbel, Jack Turner
Executive Producers
Todd Lubin, Sheila Nevins, Jay Peterson
Mai Iskander, Karim Raoul
Jennifer Harrington
Leandro Gonzalez, Leonardo Gonzalez, Michael Solomon

International Sales

162 Fifth Ave, 7th Floor
New York | NY 10010

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ME AT THE ZOO (2012), SEX ON// (2014)