TV-Series | SE, FI, GB, NO 2015 | 2 x 60' | Subtitled English

Detective Eva Thörnblad is finished: Seven years after the disappearance of her daughter she is still socially isolated, haunted by weird visions and practically suicidal. But when she returns to her home town after her father’s death and finds several more children missing, she takes on the investigation with everything she got – and finds a mysterious, traumatized girl that she recognises as her daughter…  2015’s TV blockbuster in Sweden is a variation on TWIN PEAKS, that can actually hold up to the comparison with this lofty paragon in terms of surreal atmosphere and supernatural hints. Here, too, evil dwells in the woods, lurking behind gorgeous nature shots and hiding in chasms both literal and symbolic. Writer, producer and director Henrik Björn creates a masterpiece that is as visually serene as it is unsettling. We screened the first two episodes.

Henrik Björn
Henrik Björn, Alexander Kantsjö, Fredrik T. Olsson, Dennis Magnusson
Filip Hammarstrom
Executive Producers
Henrik Björn, Johan Rudolphie, Börje Hansson
Kjell Lagerroos, Pelle Hallert
Lars Gustafson, Anders Nylander, Simon Pontén
Andreas Andersson, Erik Guldager, Johan Johnson
Erik Lewander, Olle Ljungman, Iggy Strange-Dahl
Production Design
Augustín Moreaux
Ingrid Sjögren
Tusse Lande
Principal Cast
Moa Gammel, Göran Ragnerstam, Richard Forsgren, Lia Boysen, Ville Virtanen, Vanja Blomkvist

International Sales

Palladium Film
Odlingsvägen 6
17077 Solna 7