Film Festival Cologne | Bright New Talents #4: Sophie Linnenbaum
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Bright New Talents #4: Sophie Linnenbaum

THE ORDINARIES is one of the most compelling german debuts in recent years - awarded in 2022 with, among others, the First Step Awards and the Förderpreis Neues Deutsches Kino at the Filmfest München.

But: »This film was only possible because we all worked our asses off« says director Sophie Linnenbaum. And indeed, THE ORDINARIES could only be realized because producer Britta Strampe (Bandenfilm), scenographer Josefine Lindner, VFX supervisor Johannes Blech, as well as all the other participants, poured their hearts and souls into the joint project. In the FFCGN interview, Sophie, Britta, and Josefine reveal how they experienced the production of THE ORDINARIES, what artists can learn from Donald Trump, and why young filmmakers always deserve a second chance.