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Play a detective and solve the case!

An den Fingern abzählen

At what point is a murderer considered a "serial killer"?

A) More than one victim at the same crime scene

B) When the interval between murders is less than one month.

C) More than three victims

D) When their name is known.

Samuel Little

Samuel Little, "America's worst serial killer," killed how many people between 1970 and 2005?

A) 20

B) 5

C) 200

D) 93


What is the sentence of "life imprisonment" in Germany?

A) Imprisonment until death

B) 25 years with subsequent release on parole

C) 15 years with possible parole of 5 years

D) 20 years with a minimum of 2 years of mandatory solitary confinement


Which famous actress was killed by the "Manson Family" in 1969?

A) Susan Atkins

B) Sharon Tate

C) Marilyn Monroe

D) Audrey Hepburn

Killer Clown

John Wayne Gacy, a killer clown, was also known by what pseudonym?

A) Grock

B) Pic

C) Pogo

D) Ronald McDonald

London Eye

Who terrified all of London around 1888?

A) Kyle the Killer

B) Timmy the Tickler

C) Jack the Ripper

D) Fred the Flayer


In which German city has no cannibal been caught to date?

A) Rothenburg

B) Duisburg

C) Berlin

D) Cologne

Solutions: 1c, 2d, 3c, 4b, 5c, 6c, 7d

Inspector Clueso

Less than 3 correct: the killer has escaped and has already left the country. Turn in your gun and badge, Detective!

Sir Peter Ustinov

3 - 5 correct: you are on the right track but failed to gather enough evidence for a conviction.

Miss Marple

More than 5 correct: Congratulations on your promotion, Detective! The city is a safer place with you.