Film Festival Cologne | The most ingenious impostors in popculture
Inventing anna serie

The most ingenious impostors in popculture

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    Why not just “fake it ‘til you make it” as a pilot, despite not having any real training? Oh Leo …
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    One of the 20th century’s most spectacular coups, just as captivating in film.
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    Among the most sinister aspects of criminal imposture is the art of imitating real people …
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    Thomas Mann's seductive impostor climbs the social ladder all the way to the royal court of Lisbon.
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    Insurance fraud is still considered a fairly easy way to get money, even if it does all too often lead to jail time …
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    The virtuoso mastery of combining film and forgery in cinema under the guise of a mockumentary.
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    Ripley's talents: "forging signatures, telling tall tales, imitating people …"
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    Inventing Anna