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The pigeons are not what they seem

This is how legends begin: "A staple of Great Britain. Any city, town, or village in this country, you will find them. Huddled grey masses swarming food waste ... or so it seems."

Pigeons in England are not only found in Trafalgar Square, where they are part of the typical image that tourists have of the capital of the Kingdom. Most visitors have no idea that the eyes of the pigeons are actually cameras that provide continuous images of surveillance. CCTV with wings. You can't tell by looking at the technically advanced drones. They just look ... like pigeons. From David Lynch's TWIN PEAKS we still remember this enigmatic hint for Agent Cooper: "The owls are not what they seem." I wonder if owls meant pigeons.

Pigeon drone

When it comes to conspiracies, everyday life is the best disguise.

"They're as ubiquitous to Britain as rain, Wetherspoons, and CCTV. But harmless? Think again. The story of pigeons, state surveillance, and the oppression of the British people is a long and intertwined tale. Buckle up!"

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