Tue | 06. Oct | 14:00 h


In co-operation with the Programm Entwicklungsbezogene Bildung in Deutschland (EBD) by Engagement Global and together with MISEREOR, Viva con Agua and CHIEMSEE

These days moving images and modern audiovisual media are an indispensable form of communication – for development political actors, too. Digital social media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter present entirely new chances to reach a wide audience, to inform the public and to reach people on an emotional level and mobilize them into action. The Agenda 2030 with its 17 goals for a sustainable development is a global action plan not only addressed to states and organisations, but to every single person who can act to make the world more sustainable. But how does storytelling work as a means to reach sustainability goals? How can activists use audiovisual media successfully and what are the demands and possibilities in the partner countries? At the GLOBAL DAY actors from Germany and Africa present strategies, current projects and best practice cases.


Foto: Magnus D via Flickr