Ralf Hütter | Documentary | D 2018 | 90’ | German and English OV

The electronic pioneers, renowned worldwide as one of the most influential bands of pop music history, have never stopped exploring the boundaries of the medium. They used 3D elements for the first time at their sold-out 2012-to-2016 tour 12345678, which saw them perform at museums and concert halls. This tour’s performances have been captured in 3D for the CATALOGUEproject and re-mixed with the astonishing 3D sound of Dolby Atmos. The result is a concert film that pushes the boundaries of modern technology: A trans-media experience not only equivalent to a private Kraftwerk concert, but to sitting right in the middle of it, being drowned in sound from all angles

Ralf Hütter
Music Programming & 3-D Audio Mix
Fritz Hilpert
3-D Computer Graphic Programming & Animation:
Falk Grieffenhagen
3-D Video Edit
Gerrit Lucas
Stereo Mastering
Henning Schmitz
Headphone Surround 3D
Tom Ammermann
Live Recording
Serge Gräfe
3-D Audio Consulting & Dolby Atmos
Tom Ammermann
Stereo Video Mastering
Andreas Schellenberg, Moritz Peters
3-D Cinematographer
Sebastian Cramer
Dennis Böhm, Stephan Friedrich