| 60' | Artist Talks

In 45 minute workshop talks the recipients of this year’s Film Festival Cologne awards shine a light on their work and process.


Free admission, no ticket required.


Nobody is making films like Abel Ferrara does. No other filmmaker manages to capture the big city’s simmering underbelly or the human condition’s steep abysses in such fascinating images. And he has been at it for 40 years now! From infamous exploitation shocker THE DRILLER KILLER (1979) via the dark gangster drama KING OF NEW YORK (1990) to his unrestrained masterpiece BAD LIEUTENANT (1992), Ferrara always shows one quality: he is radical filmmaking exemplified. In his later work, too, like the poetic biopic PASOLINI (2014) or the committed documentary THE PROJECTIONIST (2017), Ferrara never pulls any punches. So it’s no wonder that New York’s Museum of Modern Art has granted the Bronx’s enfant terrible an extensive retrospective this year.


ABEL FERRARA presents his new film TOMMASO at this year’s Film Festival Cologne.


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13.00 hrs: Nanfu Wang (phoenix price)

14.00 hrs: August Diehl (International Actors Award)

16.00 hrs: Nicolas Winding Refn (Film Award Cologne)

Thu | 17. Oct | 15:00 h