Frederick Wiseman

Documentary Feature | USA 2020 | 272' | English OV | Best of Cinema Documentary

It couldn’t be any more topical right before this US election: Frederick Wiseman, pioneer and master of the cinematic portrait of social institutions, has turned his attention to his home town of Boston, where he thoroughly observes the whole range of challenges that the city’s administration has to grapple with. He listens to citizen complaints in the department for traffic offences just as patiently as to the speeches of the city’s charismatic mayor Marty Walsh. A film that takes a firm stance against the dangerous loss of trust in public institutions.

Sat | 03. Oct | 14:30 h

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Tue | 06. Oct | 19:30 h

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Frederick Wiseman
Frederick Wiseman, Karen Konicek
John Davey
Frederick Wiseman
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