Julien Temple

Documentary Feature | GB, IRL 2020 | 119' | English OV | Best of Cinema Documentary

A perfect combination: Julien Temple (THE GREAT ROCK ‘N’ ROLL SWINDLE), the Punk generation’s cinematic chronicler, takes on Shane MacGowan in his latest documentary masterpiece, the former frontman of the Pogues, a band that blended punk and Irish Folk like no other. MacGowan, by now marked by decades of heavy abuse of drugs and alcohol, still has plenty of humour and charisma shining through. Temple combines interviews, seldom seen archival material and animation to an energetic chronicle of a unique life.

Wed | 07. Oct | 18:30 h

Filmpalast 7

Julien Temple
Julien Temple, Johnny Depp, Stephen Deuters
Executive Producers
Jeremy Thomas
Steve Organ
Caroline Richards
Jocelyn Campbell, Jc Carroll
International Sales
HanWay Films
Domestic Sales
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