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Long Gone

Director: David Eberhardt, Jack Cahill
DocumentaryUSA 200395'<p>OmeU</p>
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He still exists today, hitching a free ride on a freight train: the Hobo – a figure of mythical proportions in the USA since the Great Depression of the 30’s. This documentary in the cinéma vérité tradition, winner of the Slamdance Festival, follows a group of hobos over a period of four years: The elder statesmen of the tramps like Joshua Long Gone and Dog Man Tony battle with memories of Vietnam and broken families, the young ones like Jesse and James are adventure-seeking street kids on the brink of drug addiction. They and all the others are drop-outs, dreamers and castaways with an urge to live life on the move. Original music by Tom Waits et al.

David Eberhardt, Jack Cahill
Jack Cahill, David Eberhardt
Executive Producers
Don Hyde, Amanda White
Greg Yolen
Tom Waits, Kathleen Brennan, Charlie Musselwhite
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