Diversity in front of and behind the camera is currently a hot topic of discussion in the film industry. Only rarely the focus of discussion really is on people with disabilities. Do filmmakers with disabilities even exist in Germany? What does inclusive filmmaking mean? How permeable are the institutions for filmmakers with disabilities and what does accessibility mean for film?

With a colorful reel of short films with documentary and fictional contributions, we shed light on the current situation in Germany and discuss with: Leonard Grobien (writer, director), Johannes Hensen (Head of Program Film Festival Cologne), Nikolas Jürgens (filmmaker and producer), Till Kniola (Department for Pop Culture and Film Culture, City of Cologne). host: Patrizia Kubanek.

barrier-free: translation in sign language. Introduction and translation of the films and talks into Easy language

Thu | 19. Aug | 21:00 h


Short film program with talk afterwards

In cooperation with RoboLab