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Bruder - Schwarze Macht

Director: Randa Chahoud
Drama SeriesDE 20172x45’ (4x45’)German OV
Thursday, 5. Oct 2017, 20:30
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In cooperation with Aspekt Medienproduktion and ZDFneo

Turkish-German Sibel is a well-integrated second-generation immigrant and policewoman. Her brother Melih is a different matter: Although he is smart and has good grades in his exams, he struggles to find his place in society. His best friend Tobi increasingly leans towards the radical Muslim faith of Salafism, and although Melih starts out ridiculing him for it, he soon finds himself attracted to this line of thought himself. When the anti-terror department of the federal police inform Sibel of her brother's connection to radical Salafist circles, she does everything in her power to get him out of there. But Melih goes underground and starts to plan for an attack with his comrades. In order to stop him, Sibel risks everything – her job, her family and her future.

Randa Chahoud
Raid Sabbah, Ipek Zübert, Andreas Dirr
Annett Neukirchen, Oliver Behrmann
Executive Producers
Julie Parker Benello, Bill Haney, Dan Cogan, R.J. Cutler, Geralyn Dreyfous, Lilly Hartley, Patricia Lambrecht, Nion McEvoy, Regina K. Scully, Jamie Wolf
Commissioning Editor
Karina Ulitzsch (ZDF)
Florian Mag
Sebastian Thümler
Eike Groenewold
Michael Kunz, Andreas Kluge
Production Design
Florian Langmaack
Sibel Kekilli, Yasin Boynuince, Rouven Israel, Tim Seyfi, Friedrich Mücke, Bjarne Mädel
International Sales