Concept for Hygiene and Social Distancing

In order to protect the health of all festival guests and enable everybody to have a pleasant stay at the Film Festival Cologne we have worked out a strict concept for hygiene and social distancing based on the latest Covid-19 protection provisions. The following rules will therefore apply:



In order to guarantee retraceability of audience members we will collect personal data of all audience members during ticket purchase. Beyond that every audience member will have a designated seat so that an exact seating plan can be generated if needed. This is the data that will be collected:


_Name of ticket buyer as well as of all other audience members
_Title, date and time of the attended screening as well as row and seat number
_Address as well as phone number or e-mail address


This data will be collected in the online shop immediately at ticket purchase. When buying tickets in person a form has to be filled out. After the event the data will be stored for four weeks and can be forwarded to the appropriate authorities if requested. After this period of storage the data will be completely deleted.


Ticket purchase

To ensure a ticket purchase procedure that is as contact-free as possible, we request all visitors to safely purchase their tickets ahead of time online. This also reduces queueing time. In addition, there’s the possibility for contact-free purchase using your EC or credit card or your smart phone at the ticket counters. At both the ticket and the service counters visitors and staff will also be separated by plexiglass barriers.


Mandatory face masks

It’s mandatory for all audience members to wear a face mask during their festival attendance. Masks must be worn when entering the premisses until reaching the designated seat and during restroom breaks or when leaving the premisses. Masks may only be removed when in the designated seat.


Preventing audience accumulation

In order to avoid accumulated crowds of people where social distancing is no longer possible, you are advised not to linger in the foyer areas, hallways etc. but to move straight towards the cinemas, the service counters or the restrooms. Furthermore, ticket counters and accreditation counters will be separated and one-way walking lanes will be marked to prevent crossing streams of visitors. The starting times will also be adjusted so that no two screenings start at the same time.


Social distancing

A social distance of five feet, as it is marked, is to be maintained in the waiting areas. Staff will control that this rule is observed. We will make sure that in the Cineplex Filmpalast as well as in the Filmpalette there is a vacant seat between each audience group. At the Filmforum NRW audience members are generally to ensure a minimum distance of five feet at all times.



All cinemas will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each screening. All other public areas at the locations like the foyer, the hallways and the restrooms will also regularly be cleaned and disinfected. Additionally, hand disinfectant dispensers will be provided at all times at all event locations.


If you experience short-term symptoms such as cough, fever, headaches, general weakness, odour or taste disorders, please stay away from the event. We ask for your understanding that in case of suspicion, access to the event may be denied.


You can find the concept for hygiene and social distancing as PDF here.