In the wake of the radical changes in the media industry due to digitalization and its creative immersive technologies, traditional content producers and content providers are facing great challenges. The constantly expanding possibilities of virtual and augmented reality and the new acoustic 3D worlds allow individual experiences and media bonuses in depths of experience that were unthinkable until recently – from mere viewers to committed participants.

The aim of the IMMERSIVE DAY was to discuss the framework conditions and the necessary know-how for successful storytelling in a transmedial context. In addition, possibilities were presented how new pervasive and penetrating experiences can be created by bringing together the potentials of traditional and digital media and how closely storytelling and creative technologies are linked.

All participants were invited to visit the exhibits of the IMMERSIVE DAY and the SAE Alumni Convention Exhibition in the Palladium Cologne in order to gain their own personal immersive experiences.

Chair: Jochen Voß, next step next crossmedia, Cologne

10.00–10.15 hrs, Welcome

10.15–11.00 hrs, Keynote
Immersion in Media – A Short History
Gundolf S. Freyermuth, Media Scientist, Journalist & Co-Director at the Cologne Game Lab

11.00-11.45 hrs, Presentation
Once Underground and Back – What You Can Experience in Virtual Realities
Thomas Hallet, Program Area Internet, WDR, Cologne

11.45–12.15 hrs, Coffee Break

12.15–12.30 hrs, Presentation
Immersive Storytelling
Jimena Aguilar, Author & Journalist, ifs internationale filmschule köln

12.30–13.00 Uhr, Presentation
Immersive Narratives
Nanna Heidenreich, Professorin für Digital Narratives – Theory, ifs internationale filmschule köln

13.00-14.30 hrs, Exhibits & SAE Alumni Convention Exhibition, Palladium, Cologne

14.30–15.15 hrs, Presentation
Kraftwerk 3-D – Immersive Music, Dimensional Leap or Pure Marketing Gag?
Tom Ammermann, General Manager, New Audio Technology, Hamburg

15.15–16.00 hrs, Presentation
Hyperreality as Immersive Communication
Jan Thiel und Michael Albrecht, Geschäftsführer, A4VR The Agency for Virtual Reality, Düsseldorf

16.00–16.30 hrs, Coffee Break

16.30-17.30 hrs, Presentation
Infinite Forms: Exploring the Psychedelic Experiences Through Virtual Reality
Bryan Duggan, AI and Game Developer / Computer Scientist, Dublin



Stories of our Forgotten City
Final Project by Jimena Aguilar, Absolventin des MA Digital Narratives an der ifs internationale filmschule köln
VR Experience
HTC VIVE, made with Unity

Waiting for Godot
Rüdiger Brandis, Can-Mert Bozkurt, Alex Boccia, Nitish Misra, Yervand Ayrapetyan, Nick Patel, MA-Studierende des Cologne Game Lab (CGL)
Computer Game
Windows PC

Daniel Turner, David Wildemann, Chad Comeau, Raven Rusch, BA-Studerende des Cologne Game Lab (CGL)
VR Experience


In co-operation with WDR – Westdeutscher Rundfunk Köln, Cologne Game Lab, ifs internationale filmschule köln, SAE Institute