Randa Chahoud, Soleen Yusef

TV Series | D 2020 | 2x45' (8x45') | German OV | Special Screenings

November 9th 1989: The „antifascist protective barrier“ in Berlin has fallen, and Martin Rauch, the infamous and sidelined East German spy is being steam-rolled by the events. Not only does he lose his home country and identity with this peaceful revolution, his comrades at the secret intelligence agency of Eastern Germany have lost their jobs over night. How will they position themselves in this chaos? The crisis holds all kinds of chances for our heroes – but there are also lots of new dangers in the merciless game of spies.

Sat | 03. Oct | 19:00 h

Filmpalast 7

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Randa Chahoud, Soleen Yusef
Jörg Winger, Steve Bailie
Jörg Winger, Anna Winger, Sebastian Werninger
Executive Producers
Daniel van den Berg
Kristian Leschner, Stephan Burc
Robert Stuprich, Yvonne Tetzlaff, Matthias Albrecht
Reinhold Heil
Production Design
Lars Lange
Jonas Nay, Maria Schrader, Sylvester Groth, Svenja Jung, Corinna Harfouch
International Sales
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