Single tickets und festival passes for the Film Festival Cologne are available:

_in our online shop
_at the festival centre in the Cineplex Filmpalast from 25 September, 2020


With the Festivalpass you can receive five or ten individual tickets for the screenings of the Film Festival Cologne 2020 as long as individual tickets are available.



_Single ticket: 8 €
_5er festival pass: 30 €
_10er festival pass: 55 €



Tickets for 30 YEARS OF FUTURE are available at the venue:

_at Filmpalast Köln at the ticket desk or online
_at Filmpalette at the ticket desk or online
_at Filmforum exclusively at the ticket desk


Tickets for the monthly film series WILD AT HEART are available:

_directly from the Filmpalast Cologne or online

_Tickets cost €7



If you have any questions about ticketing, please contact



In order to protect the health of all festival guests and enable everybody to have a pleasant stay at the Film Festival Cologne we have worked out a strict concept for hygiene and social distancing based on the latest Covid-19 protection provisions. You can find the concept for hygiene and social distancing here.