2 Der Rattenkönig neu

Der Rattenkönig

Director: Pawel Kocambasi
TV MovieDE 200285'
Friday, 21. Jun 2002, 21:00
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DER RATTENKÖNIG is a real gem among the slew of trivial adolescent films. In glowing black and white pictures, Pawel Kocambasis tells a story about three boys and the puzzling phase between the last milk tooth and the first braces. Despite the precise and reserved portrayl, Kocambasis and his cameraman Jens Harant managed to tinge the brilliant images with a gentle melancholy. In addition to Kocamabasis and Harant, who graduated from the Ludwigsburg Film Academy, the real discoveries in the film are the three young actors, who give their characters great depth with seeming affected. The movie was co-produced by SWR.
Pawel Kocambasi
Matthias Pracht
Carsten Bunte
Jens Harant
Laszlo Horwitz, Ivo Möller, Clemens Brandt, Marie-Lou Sellem, Henry Thoma, Charlotte Crome
SWR Editor
Sabine Holtgrewe
Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, SWR