Prod X Change 2022

Producers XChange 2022. Branded Entertainment

Friday, 21. Oct 2022, 10:00 - 14:30
Filmpalast · Kino 7
In cooperation with BCMA DACH, Brandplace and SKW Schwarz Rechtsanwälte

Digitization opens many opportunities to media and content creatives. Linear content fuses with streaming choices, cross- and multi-media extensions as well as digital applications like games or apps – and all this has lasting effects on content, storytelling, user behaviour, business models and brand experiences. This year’s ProducersXChange aims to explore the current perspectives of branded content and to show how a unique brand experience can be achieved and how brands can be emotionalized. Furthermore we try to establish a platform where content creators and brands can meet in order to work together even more effective in the future.


Host: Jürgen Irlbacher, Creative Director, pilot Group, Hamburg 


10:00–10:05 hrs, Welcome
Sandra Freisinger-Heinl, Chairwoman, BCMA DACH & Managing Director, Brandplace, Munich
Margret Knitter, LL.M., Board Member, BCMA DACH & Lawyer, SKW Schwarz, Munich


10:05–10:30 hrs, Presentation
Best of Branded Entertainment
Sandra Freisinger-Heinl, Chairwoman, BCMA DACH & Managing Director, Brandplace, Munich


10:30–11:00 hrs, Keynote
Branded Entertainment. Navigation Strategies for the Digital Age
Thomas Knüwer, Partner, kpunktnull, Düsseldorf 


11:00–11:30 hrs, Best Practice
Green Advertising. Between Permissible Green Claims and Misleading Greenwashing
Christina Kufer, LL.M., Associate, SKW Schwarz, Berlin
Christian Mann, Lead Brand Marketing, REWE GROUP, Cologne *


11:30–12:00 Uhr, Best Practice
NFTs und Medien. Mehr als nur ein Buzzword?
Dr. Julia Schafdecker, Associate, SKW Schwarz, Berlin


12:00–12:15 hrs, Break


12:15–12:45 hrs, Best Practice
Branded Entertainment. More Than Just A Business Model?
Eloy Gut, Founder & Managing Partner, COLLIDE, Hamburg


12:45–13:30 hrs, Best Practice
We Are LURE. Strategy, Creation, Production and Media all Under One Roof
David Incorvaia, Founder, CCO & CFO, LURE, Berlin 


subsequently: Networking


* to be confirmed