Film Festival Cologne | Glotz, Gags & Gloria - Wie arbeiten…
Glotz und Gloria

Glotz, Gags & Gloria - Wie arbeiten Macherinnen von Comedyserien?

Saturday, 22. Oct 2022, 15:00
Filmpalast · Kino 3
A live-podcast event in cooperation with WDR COSMO

What is it we’re laughing at? How much melancholia, taboo or silence does comedy require? What atmosphere do you need writing it, what timing do you need acting it and what rhythm do you need editing it? Is there something like a specifically female humour? What can comedy achieve? Emily Thomey and Jörn Behr of the series podcast “Glotz und Gloria” (WDR COSMO) are happy to interview the three series creators Alice Gruia (LU VON LOOSER) and Aylin Kockler (HÜBSCHES GESICHT).

Free admission with ticket