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Director: Zhang-ke Jia
Feature filmCHN, F 2018136'German subs
Tuesday, 9. Oct 2018, 17:15
Wednesday, 10. Oct 2018, 18:45
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A Chinese gangster epic told from a woman's point of view. Self-confident Qiao lives a comfortable life at the side of Mafia boss Bin and his gang in a withering northern Chinese mining town. When she takes on a five-year prison sentence in order to protect Bin she has to find out that he doesn't hold the gangster's honor code in quite as a high a regard as she does. All of a sudden she is on her own. Starting in 2001 and ending on New Year's Eve in 2017, Jia (MOUNTAINS MAY DEPART) tells another gripping tale of China's dizzying evolution, with an unusual love story providing the backdrop. In the starring role his wife Zhao Tao can shine with a resolute and charismatic performance.
Zhang-ke Jia
Zhang-ke Jia
Ichiyama Shozo
Executive Producers
Ren Zhonglun, Zhang-ke Jia, Ping Dong, Nathanaël & Elisha Karmitz, Zhongjun Wang, Shiyu Liu, Weijie Zhu, Jinsong Yang
Eric Gautier
Matthieu Laclau, Lin Xudong
Giong Lim
Production Design
Weixin Liu
Zheng Xu, Casper Liang, Xiaogang Feng, Yinan Diao, Yibai Zhang, Jiali Ding, Yi Zhang, Zijian Dong, Tao Zhao, Fan Liao
International Sales
MK2 Films
Domestic Sales
Neue Visionen