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Director: Chang-dong Lee
Feature filmCOR 2018148'English subs
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By sheer coincidence Jongsu meets his former classmate Haemi again – and the young woman promptly starts an affair with him, even though the shy wanna-be writer without a proper job is not really a dream match. But soon Haemi disappears on a trip to Africa – and returns with Ben, a good-looking, charismatic Yuppie whose money seems to come from shady sources. Subsequently the three spend a lot of time together – while under the surface the tension between the men keeps escalating. Chang-dong Lee's subtle thriller based on Haruki Murakami's short story Barn Burning was celebrated by the critics at this year's Cannes film festival.
Chang-dong Lee
Jung-mi Oh, Chang-dong Lee
Executive Producers
Joon-dong Lee
Kyung-pyo Hong
Seung-chul Lee Hyun Kim
Da-won Kim
Kyung-pyo Hong
Production Design
Jeom-hui Shin
Ah-in Yoo, Jong-seo Jun, Steven Yeun
International Sales
Finecut Co., Ltd.