DOGMAN Website 1280x720 72dpi


Director: Matteo Garrone
Feature FilmI, F 2018102’Italian, French with German subs
Monday, 8. Oct 2018, 22:00
Thursday, 11. Oct 2018, 14:00
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With friends like these, who needs enemies? Every day Marcello tames the most aggressive dogs, but there's no controlling his friend Simone. The owner of a dog salon is constantly being humiliated, abused and used by the psychotic gangster. The wispy Marcello puts up with all of this out of a mixture of fear, gullibility and exaggerated loyalty. But will there come a point where he will strike back? In front of the spectacular backdrop of a Brutalist suburb on the Italian south coast, Matteo Garrone (GOMORRAH) honors the great tradition of Italian neo-realism. For his portrayal of Marcello the actor Marcello Fonte won this year's acting award at Cannes – and deservedly so.
Matteo Garrone
Matteo Garrone, Ugo Chiti, Massimo Gaudisio
Matteo Garrone, Paolo Del Brocco, Jean Labadie, Jeremy Thomas
Executive Producers
Alessio Lazzareschi
Nicolaj Bruel
Marco Spoletini
Michele Braga
Maricetta Lombardo, Mirko Perri
Production Design
Dimitri Capuani
Marcello Fonte, Edoardo Pesce, Alida Baldari Calabria, Nunzia Schiano, Adamo Dionisi, Francesco Acquaroli, Gianluca Gobbi
International Sales
Rai Com S.p.A.