LORO Website 1280x720 72dpi


Director: Paolo Sorrentino
Feature FilmI 2018150’Italian, French with German subs
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If you don't want to talk about corruption, populism and Bunga Bunga sex parties in front of plastic volcanoes, then you probably shouldn't talk about Silvio Berlusconi. Although his enormous list of transgressions isn't ignored, Paolo Sorrentino's LORO is not the reckoning it might have been, but rather a bitter-sweet portrait of a society seduced by the Milanese media tycoon, politician and nymphomaniac, imitating his greed for money, power and sex rather than condemning it. Toni Servillo's Berlusconi, dancing through the political scene, is no scapegoat that should reward our contempt, but rather a flabbily grinning abyss, threatening to swallow everything and everyone. Including the audience.
Paolo Sorrentino
Paolo Sorrentino
Carlotta Carlori, Francesca Cima, Nicola Giuliano, Viola Prestieri
Luca Bigazzi
Cristiano Travaglioli
Lele Marchitelli
Production Design
Stefania Cella
International Sales
Pathé Pictures International